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 Detlef Schmidt


First created on th 1rst of June 1997

Updated on  26/03/08 

Welcome to my personal '.home page' - I hope, I can make it ' gemütlich' .here for you .

Internet leads to more proximity, which touches us perhaps unusually or even unpleasantly because it feels too intimate.

But: There's always the switching off button!



Christmas 1995. With my sons Tjark and Frerk at the investigation of our 'Knusperhäuschen' made of toothprotecting(!) building materials.  

That cage of Haensels (on the right in the picture) was an idea of Frerk. Salt bars represent the lattice bars, and the baking-oven inside lights up glow-red. 


My Career/Development

I was born in the war year 1943 here in Oldenburg, am thus baptized with ' Hunte'water - and a genuine ' Staubuttjer ' (designated after the fishermen, which in former times hung around the inland port which was situated only one stone throw away from my birth house). This home in the Gottorpstrasse 1 was acquired 1908 by my grandfather Adolf Schmidt, who was married to Marie née Niemann and practiced as a dentist. They drew up three children. The oldest of those was my father Dr. Hans Hans-Albrecht Schmidt. He took over the practice after the death of his father and pulled there with his wife Lotte née Friedrichs after the war . Little Detlef, whose childlike huntingground was settled around the harbour, grew up in permanent resistance against the debt jerk of school and made career in the Federation of German Scouts (BDP). Due to an inherit-struggle my family moved   into a ' Green Widow quarter ' in 1960. The civil ambiente in the art nouveau house of my grandparents was never erased from my memory, so that I did not rest later until I found a similar house as my own nesthole.

After finishing school I jobbed as a labourer. Then I went to dental school in Freiburg (my teachers were Prof. Motsch and Prof. Körber/Kiel). In 1970 I got the Approbation to be a dentist and run the families tradition in in the third generation. As my interest was also in psychosomatics, I enroled for several semesters in Psychology. During my military service time I was in charge of the Naval Dentistry Station in Brake and intended to take over the dental office of my father. Only a few weeks of practicing as an assistent in an office which was submitted to the official health insurance system were enough to realize, that 'Healthcare' under a Healthinsurance System made by law cannot be realized. There is only possible a 'Repairservice', which is not able to reach the absence of illness in spite of maximizing curative means. I decided to go to Zürich, because I heard that there was practiced a different form of reasonable and prophylactic-oriented dentistry, which I wanted to learn again from the origin. In spite of my status as 'immigrant worker' I found a job as clinical assistent at the ' Zahnärztliches Universitäts-Institut Zürich (ZUI), where I worked for 5 years at the departements of Prof. Mühlemann (+) and  Schärer .

Back in Oldenburg I opened (after a everything-changing postgraduate-study at the PANKEY-Institute in Miami) at the 2nd of January 1978 against the decided advice of my father, my collegues and all experts a pure private dental office wihout being attached to the official insurance system. In the same year I got my Degree as a Dr. med. dent. at the Medical Fakulty of Zürich. In   1979 I together with a handful of similar thinking dentists founded the 'Study Club Oldenburg - EMoMo' , which gathers each month for discussing problem-cases and for postgraduate studies.

In 1985 I fell in love with a young widow and her children   Tjark,    Jana  and   Krischan.  Under the roof of Moltkestrasse 10 now twittered 3 young birds and 1986 arrived a fourth one: Frerk, the baby of the family. Iris debarqued the familyship again in 1993. Since 1997 we are divorced :-(.

To those, who want to know even more, can read about it in the more détailled 'CURRICULUM VITAE'.


My Interests

To know me better, here are my favorite things : 
Special topics in dentistry: Aesthetics
Funktional Analysis and Therapy
Adhesive Restorations
Work as Expert Witness
Clinical Photography
Methods of Psychotherapy: Bioenergetics
Transaktion-Aanalysis (TA)
Techniques of documentation: Clinical Potography
Digital Videographics
the 'Electronic Book'
Art: Architecture
Sculpturing (sometimes I sculpture myself)
Literature - Authors:Böll, Camus, Capote, R. Dahl, H.H. Ewers, Hubert Fichte,  Frisch, Hacks,  Kempowski, Kipphard, Stanislaw Lem, Thomas Mann, Milne (Pu), Modick, Muschg, v. Rezzori, Salinger, Arno Schmidt, J. Steinbeck, Horst Stern, P. Süskind, Vonnegut,  Martin Walser, Thornton Wilder.
Philosophy:Existentialists, Ortega y Gasset, Fred Hoyle, Horkheimer,  Drewermann.
History1rst half of the 20th. century, medical history.
ComicsBretècher, Corben, Crumb, Goszinny & Uderzo, Moebius, C. Poth,  Schultheiß, Sempé.
'Tälly'Computer-Club (WDR), Netnite (ZDF), Skyrock (ARD) 
Das literarische Quartett (ZDF),  Archimedes (ARTE), The Bookjournal (ZDF).  Lipstick on my Colar (british Cultseries).
Series: Law & Order, Simpsons, Dinos, Al Bundy.
Drink & Eat 

As a Oldenburg patriote I hold on 'Green Cabbage & Pinkel' 
My favourite meal: Chinese Duck sweet/sower
Beverages: Bad. Weißherbst and Spätburgunder, Tea (Ostfriesenmischung - my exlixir to live!).  
Nonsmoking! (Exception: The 'Monthly Cigar' after a delicious and marvelous toxic meal).  
Nosugar! -    Saccharose is one of the most dangerous poisons of nutrition for me.


(C) 1997 Detlef Schmidt, 10 Moltkestrasse,  D-26122 Oldenburg / Germany
This Page updated 26/03/08

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