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First created on the 1rst of June 1997

Updated on  26/03/08 

Our home - our castle! 
Built 1877, oriel and stairway 1914. Recondition 1983-1986
After a coloured drawing of John Clere 1996 


In  Oldenburg
'a purify city to the Hunte ' I operate in the so-called 'Dobbenviertel' my 1978 created private-dental practice.


Counts since 31.01.1998

Postal address:

Dr. Detlef Schmidt
10 Moltkestrasse
.D-26122  Oldenburg

Telephone:+ 49 441 77 66 99 
Fax:+ 49 441 77 66 09
E-Mail: schmidtlef@t online.de
Home (short):http://home.t online.de/home/schmidtlef
Home (detailed):http://schmidtlef.de

Practice times:

Mon-Fri 8-12:30 and 14:30-18 o'clock
Wed: Closed in the afternoon  

The practice is situated near the city center between palace garden and Cecilyplace. Approach road is the Gartenstrasse. Parking machine in front of the house on workdays between 9 and 16 o'clock.



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(C) 1997 Detlef Schmidt, 10 Moltkestrasse,  D-26122 Oldenburg / Germany
This Page updated 26/03/08

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