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Rainer Janssen

First created on the 9th of December 1997

Updated on  26/03/08 

To You a cordial


on my personal homepage.



With my children

Markus (13) and Sonja (18)

on the domestic sofa.


My personal record

As the second of three children of the married couple Heinrich and Gisela Janssen (née Exner) I was born on the 13th of march 1951 in Oldenburg. My father was a learned buyer and led the sweet goods wholesale (SUEGRO), created by my grandfather, in which my mother cared for the office.

From 1958 to 1970 I first visited the main and later the professional school, which I finished with 'middle ripe'.

On 1rst of April 1970 I began my professional education as a goldsmith at the company WHALE-TRUSTS MUELLER in Bremen, which I finished in July 1973 with reaching the first goldsmith-degree.

In the same year I began my military service at the locations Uetersen and Oldenburg. I was trained at the 3./communications regiment 11 as a ' long-distance traffic specialist ' and terminated the service on the 31rst of december 1974.

On the 1rst of April 1970 I began a re-education to be dental technician in the dental-technical laboratory KURT WASSERMANN in Oldenburg. In March 1977 I achieved the first degree in my profession. In the following I remained at the same company until 31rst of March 1981 and collected during this time experiences in crown and bridge technique, in plastic glares, in constructing attachments as well as cone crown and model casting technique.

On 1 April 1981 I changed into the dental-technical laboratory of dentist HORST BRINKMANN in Oldenburg, where I operated until the 31rst of march 1984 doing mainly the creation of ceramic glares - Jacketcrowns and ceramics (VMK). Particularly I deepened into the processing systems of the companies VITA and BREDENT. Besides I manufactured attachments, model casting, crown and bridge work.

Since 2 April 1984 I am active as dental technician in the dental-technical practice laboratory of private-dental office Dr. Detlef Schmidt. The among other following things are incumbent on me:

Since 1973 I am married to my wife Renate, née Brahms, who is active as an independent cosmetic in her own house. Our two children Sonja (scorpio - 18) and Markus (lion, born 1984) visit the High School LIEBFRAUENSCHULE.


My preferences

I still practice goldsmithing in my spare time.
Music from rock to classic, musical and boulevard theatre. I love art - short: I have a tendency for enjoying the beautiful things of life.
Since one year I try computering and turn out with increasing enthusiasm thereby cards of all kinds.
Photography - landscapes, snapshots, architecture.
Journeys - my dream is it to fly once with my wife to New Zealand.
I drive gladly bycicle and intend in the next year to learn gulf.


(C) 1997 Detlef Schmidt, 10 Moltkestrasse,  D-26122 Oldenburg / Germany
This Page updated 26/03/08

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