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This is the homepage of

Krischan Freese

. First created on 01 June 1997

Updated on  26/03/08 

Salute! - I am Krischan! 

The ONE, to whom the computer world here is submitted!

Sorry that You had to wait for my text so long, but I still had to manipulate the police computers in Berlin and those of the Ministry of Defense to paralyze something!

(Small joke!) 

Actually I was more busy with the unvirtual world, because there exists much more material for my secondary activities. Somehow... hmmm... how many people can probably read that?? -

Oh all the same...


I am interested in 

  • Computers,
  • Any mechanical flying (airplanes & helicopter)
  • Nice people (fem.!) and in
  • Things, which make life worht!


Well - Internet somehow... hmm... so far I only have been to mailboxes. 

Oh all the same! Do not let you be deceptive - a BOSS here am I, because I hypnotise the others through their PC's!

I would nearly forgot :

- Isch libae Fronkreisch! -

E. g. I love France. The people there still know, how life is to live! Not as in Germany - where everything is already forbidden by rules, parents, neighbours or any other people. There the life is still worth living! 

Man! - WORD strains my nerves!! My words are constantly false!!! hmpf! 
(in the meantime corrected owing to othographic correction program) 

- thanks. 

.. and my pseudo is ' " Groove E "! 

Who wants to know more from me, has to write - otherwise: Tschues!!! 

Your Krischan


(C) 1997 Detlef Schmidt, 10 Moltkestrasse,  D-26122 Oldenburg / Germany
This Page updated 26/03/08

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