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First creating to 01. June 1997

Updated on  26. März 2008

Our slogan:

1. " A clean tooth won't get ill! "

2. " Surprise! - Dentist attendance - a pleasant experience! " 


 Detlef Schmidt 
The ' boss ' (54) - approbed as dentist since 1970. Private dentistry practice since 1978.

Cornelia Lauenstein 
(41) participates from the outset. As your personal adressing partner she assigns the appointments, has an open ear for all organizational interests.  

Carmen Eder 
(31) ensures since 1991 as first chairside assistant among other things for stress-free atmosphere during the sessions and is responsible for the Roentgen care.

Sigrid Dinse 
(43) is with interruptions since 1989 second chairside assistent, pays attention to atmospheric non-stress during the sessions.  

Rainer Janssen
(46) runs the practice laboratory since 1984 as dental technician and is always present for aesthetic and functional consultation at the handling chair.

Our..Practice Team :

The lucky 5..of Moltkestrasse 10

Therapy emphasis:

  • Fight of the hygienic causes of the people epidemics Caries and Periodontitis

  • Systematic and complete re-creation of all origin functions of the mouth and the teeth

  • Aesthetics as result of optimal function

  • Systematic fear reduction


(C) 1997 Detlef Schmidt, 10 Moltkestrasse,  D-26122 Oldenburg / Germany
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